Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TWD Honey Wheat Cookies...Tasteful yet tacky.

Let's get one thing straight, ok. When I say tacky, it has nothing to do with the cookies or the recipe. Just the blogger/baker of the cookies herself. I loooooove being in the Tuesdays With Dorie club! I'm not gonna lie, being a TWD Baker makes me feel a little special, and I always look forward to trying something I've never made before. Sadly though, this club has done nothing to thwart my bad habits of procrastination and occasional laziness. I admit there have been a few recipes I have made a few days, or even a week in advance, and been totally prepared to post without feeling rushed or the least bit stressed. But there have also been weeks where I wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning to make a recipe before I go to work! This week I did pretty good on the timing, but that's where the laziness kicked it. I put these delicious cookies away in storage bags before I remembered to take pictures for my post...and that is why there are shiny, non-photogenic ziplock bags in these very professional-looking pics.
Honey Wheat Cookies
Baking From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan
click HERE for recipe
Please don't judge me. Try to look past the plastic to the soft, lemon-y, fabulous cookies! The dough was quick and easy to make, and I could fit 20 cookies on a sheet at a time so it didn't take long to cook them either. I ended up with 40 cookies, by the way. The wheat germ coating made them taste healthier than they probably are, but it sure makes ya feel a little better as you swallow the last bite of your 4th helping. They're not too rich, and not too gooey...they're just right! You can visit Flourchild for the complete recipe.


Bridgett said...

I procrastinated myself right out of the TWD club mainly because half of the time the recipes were something I knew my family would never want to eat. Ah well, it still was fun! These little babies look tasty.

Jess said...

They look great, even through plastic. Sometimes I forget to photograph at all...so well done!

Kayte said...

I love the look of them through the plastic and thought it was a great shot, one we all immediately identify with, something artsy, and creative...you were going for all of that, right? The cookies look wonderful. We liked them also...honey and lemon already built in for my cup of tea! What a deal!

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