Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TWD: Chockablock Cookies

When I look at this picture I see 3 things that have one thing in common: they've saved my life. Ok, maybe they haven't literally saved my life, but pretty darn close.

1. New York City guide book - we'd have been lost, hungry, and vacation-poor w/out it.

2. Baking From My Home To Yours - a.k.a. the Tuesdays With Dorie club cookbook. I'm not bored, & I'm pushing my baking limits at least twice a month.

3. A plate of Chockablock Cookies - tasty enough to give as a "thank you" to my dear friend Joni for lending me the NYC guide book, and just what I needed to make me feel better after a good cry on Sunday. There is so much chunky goodness in these cookies that it was impossible for me not to feel like the world had been set right again.

My version of this cookie was "chock" full of dried cranberries, walnuts, coconut, chocolate chips, & oats. It was my first time ever using molasses as an ingredient...it had a weird taste as cookie dough (that's right, I eat just about as much dough as I do cookies!), but I'm pretty sure I'm now addicted. For the complete recipe, visit Popsicles & Sandy Feet. You'll find many wonderful variations here, as well.


Gourmified said...

Cranberries...Brilliant! I much prefer cranberries over raisins, but all I could think of what I had was raisins. Doh! I have TONS of cranberries! Oh well. Life goes on. I'll just have to drool over yours instead.

Jenna ("Foo") said...

You used these cookies to get over a cry, too! So did I. I wonder if Dorie knows they have that ability....

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